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If you are a dentist or manage a dental clinic, here is a series of articles written for your content marketing activities. Look at the titles, click on the link and read the first part. You like what you see? Each article is available for purchase as a none exclusive item. It comes in a PDF format with an image and ready to be inserted into your blog or social media platforms. And most are bilingual (French/English).


The use of a dental implant is the perfect solution for replacing missing or irreparable teeth.

First of all, a dental implant - which is the equivalent of an entrenched tooth root in the jaw - consists of placing a titanium screw to replace the missing root. Titanium is the material of choice because it is biocompatible (very good tolerance in the human body) and very solid. Once fixed in the jaw, a short healing period (about three days) allows the bone to attach to the implant. This implant can be used alone, with other implants or with healthy teeth, as needed. They can even be used in the case of total tooth loss. If used alone, a prosthesis will be fixed on top in one of two ways: by sealing or by screwing the prosthesis...


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