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Who would have thought that content writing could one day carry so much importance with regards to a company’s level of visibility? This is currently happening with new developments on the internet, as well as the success of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Web content writing techniques are very different from what is found in newspapers and magazines, as online content targets readers as well as robots. Of course, SEO-optimized content is not just about text, but it can also take the form of photos, videos and other informative elements.

As you know, search engines are a great way to improve the amount of traffic on a business website. Before being referenced, the website’s content is analysed by search engine robots to determine its credibility and ability to respond appropriately to requests from users. Therefore, several elements make up a part of the analysis, such as the website’s speed, the incoming and outgoing links, the time spent on the site by Internet users and especially the quality of the content found on it.

What is SEO? SEO is a technique used to make your content readable and accessible by search engines, the goal being to obtain the best ranking for your site when a user launches a search query. SEO requires a lot of investment in terms of time and energy. But what exactly do we have to work on?

As you can see, search engine robots collect information from millions of websites, in order to decide on their ranking (in search engine results). If you want to increase the traffic on your website, it is imperative to meet the criteria of SEO search engines. Their goal as such is to provide Internet users with search results that best meet their expectations. For this reason, robots are based on keywords and phrases that guide them towards what people are asking. The more keywords that coincide with the user's search, the better your site will be referenced.

Other specific aspects are associated with SEO, such as the number of words on each page and the importance of having outside links that lead to your content. The stakes of SEO are such that companies use marketing strategies focused on SEO and content marketing to attract the maximum number of visitors because of course, SEO is also, and above all else, a question of money.

SEO content creation When talking about SEO, the subject of a digital marketing strategy will inevitably come up. Small businesses use content creation tactics in their marketing strategy, while larger companies employ full-service teams dedicated to this particular task.

Content creation can take many forms, including articles, photos, videos, and PDFs. However, it is important to define your actions from the beginning, hence the idea of creating an SEO "strategy". The actions that are taken on will be directly related to the objectives that the company has set itself.

After creating and sharing content, it is necessary to measure the results on your website, thanks to tools like Google Analytics. These statistics will help you determine where to focus your efforts to optimize publications. In addition, it is always interesting to understand what visitors are interacting with in order to optimize your marketing strategy, the goal being to generate more interest by continually renewing the site.

SEO in 2018 You will have noticed that, when it comes to the internet, it is crucially important not to rest on your laurels because search engines can change their algorithms at any time. They define their own rating criteria for websites, hence the importance of constantly monitoring changes that may occur and align accordingly.

The main SEO trend for the year 2018 is to focus on accessibility by ensuring that a website’s content is visible on all types of screens, including mobiles and tablets. In addition, the use of keywords should not be excessive, but inserted in a way that is consistent with the rest of the written content. Another relatively new thing for this year is voice research, which is gaining more and more space in the digital market. Finally, search engines always give priority to the user experience, focusing on websites where users are most comfortable.


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Sara has a master’s degree in the field of communications, which she earned in a French university. Her interest in journalism has led her to work for several media companies in Quebec. This trained graphic designer is particularly interested in graphic arts and has a passion for photography. Photo : Pixabay