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Mr. Elmaleh Riel worked with "CARREFOUR PERFECTIONNEMENT POLYTECHNIQUE MONTRÉAL", as a business development agent. He was responsible for promoting customized training programs and develop partnerships with new clients in the public and private sectors that employ a significant contingent of engineers, technologists and technical managers. During his tenure, Mr. Elmaleh Riel has demonstrated professionalism and diligence. He has led projects with precision and skill. He showed great initiative and he made some interesting proposals to improve our business processes. His work has proved useful for increasing our training activities.

Diane Ratel, Agente de développement
Carrefour perfectionnement Polytechnique Montréal

M. Elmaleh-Riel a travaillé pour le compte du Groupe Financier Hayes (entreprise immobilière faisant des acquisitions aux États-Unis):
- Il a créé une unité d'affaires incluant le développement de la stratégie d'affaires, le site Internet et la création de l'identité corporative;
- Il a contribué à identifier des marchés potentiels pour l'investissement;
- Il a contribué au développement de prospectus d'investisseurs qui ont aidé à financer deux acquisitions totalisant 359 unités de condominium pour un montant de 22 millions de dollars américains.

À la lumière de ces réalisations, je n'hésiterais aucunement à vous recommander Stéphan pour la croissance de votre entreprise peu importe votre secteur d'activité.

Edward Hayes, Président
Groupe financier Hayes et TempBridge

Lorsque j'ai retenu les services de Principio Marketing, le Centre Dentaire LeBlanc et Koran n'avait pas de site Internet, n'avait pas de présence sur les médias sociaux, n'envoyait pas d'infolettre aux clients existants, bref, notre marketing restait à faire. En 48 mois, nous avons fait deux versions du site Internet dont une qui s'adapte à tous les appareils mobiles, écrit pas moins de 56 articles dentaires, la plupart dans les deux langues officielles, envoyé des infolettres à nos clients existants, ouvert et alimenté des présences sur Facebook, Twitter et Linkedin. Mais plus important, notre site Internet a eu pas moins de 4 400 visiteurs uniques et un peu moins de 5 000 visites totales par mois, produisant entre 10 et 20 nouveaux clients par mois. Aujourd'hui, ma clinique a deux nouveaux associés qui se relèvent les manches pour aider avec le marketing. Je peux dire que ma vision et mes objectifs ont été réalisés. Si vous voulez mettre votre marketing à niveau, je vous conseille de faire affaire avec le Groupe Principio inc. Il livre des résultats.

Dre Christine Koran, DMD
Centre Dentaire LeBlanc et Koran

Thank you Stéphane for your excellent work promoting the services of «La Clinique Santé Guindon ». Your professionalism, your honesty and your experience in several areas of administration have been invaluable for the development of my business. Your knowledge of website design was ideal to start the web presence of the company. We have been working together since 2003, when Stéphane helped me start my clinic in Lachine. At that time, I had no clients. With a low cost marketing strategy, we were able to get the equivalent of a part-time schedule. At that time, I was really impressed with the results. Subsequently, we added traditional marketing and we continued to have a very favorable response.

In 2009, my home practice was getting too big, I had too many clients and people had to wait two weeks before an appointment. So I rented a space with several treatment rooms. Stéphane started on a new website and changes were made every week to keep it up to date. Manly with Internet marketing strategies, we filled up the 3 days a week schedule of another osteopath. And we are beginning to fill up the 2 days a week schedule of yet another osteopath.We also have an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, an orthotist and a naturopath. We also hired a receptionist.

During the last three years, the company has been growing at great speed. We recently sat down to plan our marketing strategy for fall 2012 and it promises more than ever. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend Groupe Principio to help develop and grow your business. Stéphane has a lot of creativity and uses traditional as well as online marketing initiatives.

Stéphan Guindon, owner, physiotherapist and osteopath
Clinique Santé Guindon
If you are a medium or large company, many options exist to meet your marketing needs. However, when you are a professional, a small business or a start-up, the options are much more limited. This is the reason why Principio Marketing was created. We want to support small businesses and professionals in achieving the desired growth for their business, their brand development and to increase their customers and sales.



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