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If you are a dentist or manage a dental clinic, here is a series of articles written for your content marketing activities. Look at the titles, click on the link and read the first part. You like what you see? Each article is available for purchase as a none exclusive item. It comes in a PDF format with an image and ready to be inserted into your blog or social media platforms. And most are bilingual (French/English).


Are you pregnant? Congratulations! But it is important to notify your dentist of this significant change in your health. Also, you should be more attentive to the health of your teeth during pregnancy as your teeth are naturally more fragile and sensitive to small inflammations of everyday life.

Decades ago, dentists refused to treat pregnant women, but times have changed; taking care of the teeth of mothers to be is common place. Another myth you should forget: being pregnant does not cause decalcification...


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