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Thank you Stéphane for your excellent work promoting the services of «Clinique Santé Guindon ». Your professionalism, your honesty and your experience in several areas of administration have been invaluable for the development of my business. Your knowledge of website design was ideal to start the web presence of the company. We have been working together since 2003, when Stéphane helped me start my clinic in Lachine. At that time, I had no clients. With a low cost marketing strategy, we were able to get the equivalent of a part-time schedule. At that time, I was really impressed with the results.

Subsequently, we added traditional marketing and we continued to have a very favorable response.
In 2009, my home practice was getting too big, I had too many clients and people had to wait two weeks before an appointment. So I rented a space with several treatment rooms. Stéphane started on a new website and changes were made every week to keep it up to date. Manly with Internet marketing strategies, we filled up the 3 days a week schedule of another osteopath. And we are beginning to fill up the 2 days a week schedule of yet another osteopath. We also have an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, and a naturopath. We also hired a receptionist.

During the last three years, the company has been growing at great speed. We recently sat down to plan our marketing strategy for fall 2012 and it promises more than ever. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend Groupe Principio to help develop and grow your business. Stéphane has a lot of creativity and uses traditional as well as online marketing initiatives.

Stéphan Guindon,
Owner, physiotherapist and osteopath
Clinique Santé Guindon


For many reasons, outsourcing your marketing makes sense: you are starting out and you do have a budget to hire outside help? You are more profitable to focus on your clients than on something that you know very little about. Your company has not yet fully grown to the size when hiring a fulltime marketing expert become financially logical? Than working with a firm like us become a logical choice. 

Why doing business with a marketing firm rather than an advertising company? An e-marketing agency? A social media consultant? Because marketing handles all of these areas. And we can tell you what your company needs based on your budget, the stage in your company's growth and your objectives. We are like your own marketing director but on a part time basis. 

Marketing outsourcing has been around for several years. Large companies use outside consultants for special projects on a regular basis.  Another sector that uses marketing outsourcing as a prime leverage in its business model is franchise systems. Indeed, a person who buys a restaurant from a reputable chain wants to have everything in place to ensure that the restaurant’s management is as effortless as possible and that the seats are filled with customers. To meet these objectives, head office will handle advertising and other marketing initiatives to generate demands.  After all, this is the reason why one buys into the franchising concept.

So why should you deal with an external consultant to manage your marketing?

- Marketing is not your area of expertise;

- It is more profitable for you to focus on looking after your customers;

- Your budget does not allow for hiring a full-time marketing specialist;

- To efficiently increase your sales at lower costs;

- To be able to maximize all the options that are presented to you;

- You do not know where to start;

- You want to grow your sales but they have leveled;

- You feel overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.