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If you are a dentist or manage a dental clinic, here is a series of articles written for your content marketing activities. Look at the titles, click on the link and read the first part. You like what you see? Each article is available for purchase as a none exclusive item. It comes in a PDF format with an image and ready to be inserted into your blog or social media platforms. And most are bilingual (French/English).


First, what are gums? In general, the gum is a thick tissue covering the maxillary bone which surrounds the teeth. It is composed of two parts: the so-called skin of the gums - a very dense coating of sometimes keratinized cells to protect areas subject to friction during chewing - and the deeper section which encompasses nutritive tissue containing blood vessels, nerves and fiber bundles. This part extends to the inside of the cheeks, lips and under the tongue. This is mobile mucosa, highly elastic but also very sensitive to friction caused by chewing and brushing teeth. The main purpose of the gum is to protect the bone and maintain a seal for the tooth/periodontal system.

From the appearance of the first teeth, the gum retracts along the dental crown to stabilize at the cementoenamel junction. At around fifty years of age, a physiological receding appears that may be more or less pronounced in some people and can be accentuated by dental hygiene (brushing too vigorously or using a stiff bristle toothbrush); a misplacement of some teeth by teeth grinding; ill-fitting partial dentures; or by gum disease. The problems start when the exposed dental root is more than 5mm. When that happens, there is an increased risk of cavities, the affected teeth become more mobile, there is increased sensitivity to cold, heat, acidic products, sugar and touch, and there is a risk of tooth loss....


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