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If you are a dentist or manage a dental clinic, here is a series of articles written for your content marketing activities. Look at the titles, click on the link and read the first part. You like what you see? Each article is available for purchase as a none exclusive item. It comes in a PDF format with an image and ready to be inserted into your blog or social media platforms. And most are bilingual (French/English).


There are several possible causes for bad breath, but in 85-90% of cases, the accumulation of bacteria and food debris on and between the teeth and on the tongue can explain this problem. These accumulations generate volatile sulfur compounds that give off an unpleasant odor when we exhale. There are also some causes that are beyond our control such as menstruation and aging. Both can bring a change in our mouth odor.

If you have bad breath, it is therefore very wise to check first if you have good oral hygiene. How often do you brush your teeth daily? Do you floss well to remove pieces that can get stuck between your teeth? Do you replace your toothbrush every month? Do you visit your dentist every six months for a dental exam and cleaning? Do you have a buildup of tartar? It is important not to forget the tongue when cleaning our mouth. You can find food particles, bacteria and secretions on the tongue...



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