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Stéphane worked in three distinctive business units.

For Hayes Financial Group (a real estate company making acquisition in the US);
- He created this business unit from the ground up, including overall business strategy, website design and corporate identity;
- He helped identify key markets for investment in the US;
- He contributed to the development of investment prospectus that helped raise financing for the two acquisitions totalling 359 condominiums in the amount of 22 million USD.

For Elsewhere at Mayreau (a luxury villa project in the Caribbean);
- He found one of the best known architects for the Caribbean region. Together, they were able to map out a master plan for a luxury villa development and an investor booklet;
- He developped a web presence for the project.

For Tembridge commercial mortgages, he achieved the following;
- He signed two major mortgage companies: Hypoteca and Architectes Hypothécaire;
- He developed our web presence and handled our advertising program;
- He made an in-dept analysis of two major files and made recommendations to maximize our investments.

In light of these achievements, I would not hesitate to recommend the work of Stéphane for growing your company regardless of the field you are in. As Stéphane had no prior knowledge of the financing or the real estate market before embarking on these projects.

Edward Hayes
Hayes Financial Group, Tempbridge and Elsewhere

YOU WANT TO DO IT YOURSELF BUT need a little help?

We can help by coaching or consulting with you.

We will first do these steps in an initial phone call:

- Find out what you would like to do;
- Find out where you are at in your project's evolution;
- What steps you have taken;
- and what are your objectives.

From that information and our own research, we will map an action plan that will detail all the marketing steps needed in order to get you and your business on the right path.

Than we follow up on a monthly basis to ensure that you are on the right track, that you are coping with all of the little challenges that may be presented along the way and that you are seeing the results that were planned.

And as with any plan, adjustments might be needed as often the initial idea is met with some feedback from the market that need to be included into the plan. We help determine the difference between important information is and what is background noise.

This is the best of both world; you get to be hands on into your project's success and get expert advices to get it going and keep it rolling all the way through.