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You want to get to the next level? You want to have the tools to succeed? Here are courses that will give you knowledge to get where you want to go. You like our titles? You can take them: at your place of business, in our public classes and as webinars. Click on the topic of interest to find out more.
Master the methods involved in planning and gathering requirements and framing input into requirements documents.
See how stories can improve presentations, meetings, and more
Learn to analyze economic functions

Learn the best practices for writing email that gets results from the director of the business writing center

You will have tools for assessing and applying AI across business-in your domain or functional area.
Master These 10 techniques to deliver requirements in less time
Be in control when the going gets tough.
A do-it-yourself approach to creating vision, mission, strategy and core values for your organization.
Your personal roadmap to automating electronic communications
How to use the business model canvas to design great businesses.
Discover the hidden power of metaphors to help you understand how other people are thinking
Your path to successful deal closure
Simplified legal course with NOTES and CASE LAWS.
Excel A-Z course Microsoft Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 by certified Microsoft Excel specialist & expert.
A framework to make big decisions with confidence.
Applied business statistics in your career making sense of the unknown.
The complete lunchtime persuasion in business communications course.
Rapidly design a business model for any business venture, using a Business Model Canvas, SWOT analysis and KPIs
Tactics, methods, do's, and don'ts for negotiating as a small business owner.
Learn how to create and use budgets effectively in company large or small.
A primer in business accounting, financial ratio analysis and return on investment analysis
Make your business networking more effective from the get-go
Prepare a business plan that entrepreneurs will get investor attention, get you funded, and startup your business today!
Design thinking as a strategy for innovation. Build innovative products and services to grow your business.
Map out your next 12 months and implement a system to keep you absolutely focused.
Body language for every meeting, networking event, presentation and media interview.
Learn Google Analytics to increase your website traffic, sales & to optimize your audience experience on your website.
Proven and easy-to-use methods for reaching your goals.
Outlook from A-Z in this Microsoft Outlook course - Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016.
Word A-Z course Microsoft Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016 by certified Microsoft Word specialist & expert.
PowerPoint A-Z course - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2016 by certified PowerPoint specialist.
Key of your business is the people on your email list, learn all you need with the email marketing guide in MailChimp.
Your guide to planning, creating and launching successful Facebook ads.