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One of the things I explain the most is how to present your company to your customers. Too often, presentation documents are written in a very technical or specialized jargon. And the more technical the company is, the more complex de language becomes. 

The problem with this approach is that generally speaking, people who are looking for help are not experts, hence the reason for needing assistance. In presenting your company with this elitist jargon, you demonstrate your mastery of the subject on hand, but not your understanding of customer relation.

One of the key phrases that I use often is: « Do not say you're good, show it ». How? By putting yourself in your customer’s place.  By doing so, you turn things around and explain what you can do for him and not explain what you're doing. The difference is very important. And it is the basis of good communication strategy.

In a recent conversation with a fellow consultant, he was speaking about convincing buyers. I suggested instead to demonstrate. What is the difference? Here is an example of the two approaches:

A website sales person "convincing" buyers: 

  • Our company has been making websites for 10 years;
  • You must have a website because your competitors have one;
  • How will your customers find you on the Internet if you're not there?
  • And so on.

    Now, a website sales person "demonstrating" to buyers;

  • I have a client who is in the same field as you and we had our first sales online in less than 3 months;
  • Another client generates its new customers many through referrals but coming in a strong second, ahead of everything else he does; his website.  He says that on average, it generates some 20 new customers each month.  At an average sale per client of 255$, his website generates about 5 000$ of new business per month.

    In the first case, the sales person tries to change the buyer’s opinion. In the second case, he puts himself in the place of the buyer and gives him arguments showing what a website can do for his business.  
    If you have any questions or if you want to know how this can be adapted to your business, do not hesitate to contact us.  

    It would be a pleasure to be part of your success.

    Stéphane Elmaleh-Riel, B.Ed., MBA
    Marketing consultant

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