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For many companies, exporting means going to the United States. Although this is one of the most interesting destinations for many reasons, the fact remains that others regions may offer additional benefits.

Mexico is a region that is gaining in popularity for many businesses. And the Querétaro region is amongst the Mexican states that should be considered.

Here is some information on Querétaro.

Located about three hours north of Mexico City, this state is part of the region known as the "Bajio" which includes parts of Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Querétaro and parts of Jalisco. This region is the most dynamic, secure and with some of best quality of life in Mexico.

Querétaro has an international airport but few international airlines offer flights there. It is easier to go to Mexico City and take a shuttle bus for three hours with a regular schedule all day long.

The state population is 2,038,372 according to the 2015 census. The main towns are: Queretaro, San Juan del Rio, Corregidora, El Marques, and Cadereyta. Although agriculture and livestock are two of the most important industries, the industrial sector is also very strong in part due to companies like Bombardier but also due to the natural resources, mainly forestry and minerals.

Because of its geographical location, Querétao industrial parks host many international companies from several industrialized countries such as Siemens, Purina, Daewoo, Eurocopter, Michelin, Carnation / Nestle, Magna International, Kimberly Clark, Dow, Eaton, Winpak, Hitachi, Ryder, Safran, Samsung, Schenker, Toyota, TRW, Valeo, and many others (see references).

The cost of living, although in constant evolution, remains lower than what we see in major urban centers in Canada and the United States. The workforce is important since the average age of the population is low (25 years for men and 27 years for women) and includes skilled workers. The average education level is a high school diploma.

The Mexican government offers a "maquiladora" program called IMMEX for foreign companies who want to establish themselves in Mexico. This program allows you to import raw materials and export transformed goods with no charge as long as the destination of goods is other than Mexico (see all the details of this program). This is an interesting program that many companies are using.

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Stéphane Elmaleh-Riel, B.Ed., MBA
Marketing consultant


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